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Episode Eleven

Episode Eleven

Keene State College’s Student Teachers from Keene State College on Vimeo.

Methods One

These three new videos spotlight Methods One apprentice teachers who have been a part of the first Partnership cohort since 2010. These students have just completed four semesters at the Marlborough School. Traditionally, Education majors at Keene State College begin teaching apprenticeships as second semester Juniors in Methods One and have the opportunity to experience real world classrooms for three semesters. The Partnership cohort apprentice teachers gain an extra three semesters on top of that.

The vision we have for the next semester, Methods Two, is more instruction time with students, more planning time with their cooperating teacher and the teaching team they will be assigned to. In addition to their classroom teaching, they will be trained in required academic assessment techniques to aid all Marlborough teachers with data collection. Students will remain in their Methods II classroom placement for their student teaching experience in the Spring, which will give them a yearlong experience with the same children.

Methods One in the Kindergarten

Team teaching in morning meeting: apprentice teachers work collaboratively to teach the students a new cooperative game called “The Knot.”

Meghan Sullivan explains the confidence she has gained by being in the partnership. Teagan Bell and Katie Woods describe their experiences being part of a learning community and witnessing the development of their students.

Methods One in the First Grade

Apprentice teacher Sarah Kelley leads morning meeting in the first grade, learning that responsibility and discipline are important characteristics for a teacher to have. Sarah demonstrates and reflects on her experience: preparing the lesson, establishing a safe and respectful environment, and re-directing students when needed.

Methods One in the Fourth Grade

Apprentice teachers Rachael Fournier and Erin Tierney describe their experiences co-teaching a lesson: preparing a social studies unit and working with their cooperating teacher.

Episode Ten

Outcomes or a Work in Progress

Nancy Lory, Rick Nannicelli and Reuben Duncan discuss ways to measure the success of the partnership. Linda Vermouth and Tom Bassarear present their views on the future of teacher education.

Music: Spectrial by the Axial Ensemble

Episode Nine

Leadership: Managing the Classroom Environment

Focuses on the value of mastering instructional leadership skills early in a teacher’s experience, with testimonials from Marlborough Elementary teachers Patrick Clark and Libby Gray. Apprentice Teachers Caroline McArdle, Erin Donnelly, Samantha Alexander and Sarah Kelley discuss their experiences building relationships with students and leading the morning meeting.

Music: Euclid by the Axial Ensemble

Episode Eight

Lessons in Literacy

Maureen Watson describes the current practices of literacy instruction at the Marlborough School and how the apprentice teachers have been involved in a year of curriculum expansion. Apprentice Teachers Sarah Kelley, Katie Boivin, Katie Woods, Andi Mosco, and Meghan Sullivan explain Boushey and Mouser’s Daily 5 and CAFE approach to reading.

Music: Acclimate by General Fuzz

Episode Seven

Differentiation and Inclusion

Focuses on the inclusive classroom environment at the Marlborough School that requires differentiated instruction and personal learning plans at every grade level. Pat Murphy (Literacy Specialist) emphasizes the value of the Marlborough School model for immersive teacher education while Libby Gray and Lindsay Quist describe their experiences teaching in an inclusive classroom. Junior apprentice teachers Caroline McArdle and Katie Boivin tell of their learning experiences with the Kindergarten students.

Music: Smiling Perspective by General Fuzz

Episode Six

‘Taming the Beast’: Understanding Assessment Data

Spotlights the value of analyzing and integrating data for classroom instruction and planning for a Response to Intervention (RTI) approach. Maureen Watson, Curriculum Integration Specialist, gives testimony on the value of understanding formal and informal assessment techniques early in a teacher education program. Reuben Duncan and Lindsay Quist stress the importance of using data to inform instruction while Apprentice Teachers Erin Tierney, Andi Mosco and Meghan Sullivan describe their learning experiences.

Music: Second Thoughts by General Fuzz

Episode Five

‘Behind the Scenes’: The Teacher~Mentor Relationship

Patrick Clark (Third Grade Teacher, Marlborough School) and Lindsay Quist (Fourth Grade Teacher, Marlborough School) tell their stories of incorporating apprentice teachers into the classroom, while Junior Apprentice Teachers Teagan Bell, Katie Woods and Erin Donnelly explicate how their views of being a teacher changed by getting a behind the scenes look into classroom.

Music: Mellow Drama by General Fuzz

Episode Four


Junior Apprentice Teachers Emily Akucewich, Katie Boivin, Andi Mosco and Meghan Sullivan clarify the value of their field experience in career planning and preparation. Linda Vermouth (Lecturer and Field Experience Coordinator, Keene State College) and Libby Gray (Kindergarten Teacher, Marlborough Elementary School) join in to explain the difference between the partnership cohort of apprentice teachers and what have traditionally been considered the teacher education field experiences (called the methods field coursework).

Music: Go Inward by General Fuzz

Episode Three


Shares the narratives of Caroline McArdle, Andi Mosco, Kaitlyn Conor, and Meghan Sullivan (Junior Apprentice Teachers) who have completed the first three semesters of their foundation courses/field experiences. Nancy Lory, Tom Bassarear, and Steve Bigaj also appear in this episode.

Music: Eye Heart Knot by General Fuzz

Episode Two

Win Win: Mutual Gains of an Education Partnership

Presents the compelling balance of advantages for both educational institutions involved in the partnership, framed by narratives from Steve Bigaj, Nancy Lory, Reuben Duncan and Rick Nannicelli. Tom Bassarear (Professor of Education, Keene State College) and Lindsay Quist (Third Grade Teacher, Marlborough Elementary School) are introduced.

Music: Euclid by the Axial Ensemble